Krase, Bailey, Reed-Krase, LLP is a General Civil Practice with 30 years experience giving comprehensive counsel. We work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries, and handle all areas of the law that do not require specialization (e.g. bankruptcy, securities, tax law, etc).  We’ve been trusted for decades for our careful analysis, our aggressive tenacity,  and our success-driven expertise in the following areas:

Business Law

Running a business is a complex and often-times confusing endeavor. We thrive in business law because we know all about business entity formation and general litigation. We bring our knowledge and skills to contract drafting and enforcement, breach of contract defense, and drafting security agreements and guarantees. Finally, you can trust us to walk you through the ins and outs of debt collection and other trying situations..

Estate Planning, Litigation and Probate

As time goes on, we often find ourselves taking stock of our assets and determining our future course. We provide expertise in drafting wills and trusts, drafting full Estate Plans or Conservatorships, and developing Will Contests and Trust Contests. In addition, we can provide defense of wills and trust, trust administration, probate of will, or simply general litigation to collect and obtain estate assets.

Real Estate Litigation

When dealing with property disputes such as easements, water rights, drainage disputes, or title issues, trust the experts who know the law of the land. We’re here to support you by drafting notes and security agreements, working through foreclosure, and dealing with landlord tenant evictions or construction defects.

Personal Injury

When accidents happen or you're physically out of commission, you need successful representation. Car accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, any other time you are injured by someone else and need help recovering their losses, let the team with three decades of experience and a passion for justice stand in your corner.

Employment Law

Whether you’re just looking for general counsel for a workplace issue, or you need specific support for wage-hour, wrongful termination, or defense of class actions against employers for any breach of the labor code, put the job in the right hands. Trust the substantial trial experience of Krase, Bailey, Reed-Krase, LLC to work for you.

Family Law

There is no one more important to us than our own families, so when it comes to divorce, child custody, grandparent visitation, guardianships, or termination of parental rights, you need the right balance of compassion and tenacious representation standing with you. If you need support through domestic violence or civil harassment restraining orders, call the team that has the resources and the skills, and is here to work diligently to meet your goals.

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